New Garage Development in AONB

Our client lives in a beautiful part of the country in East Sussex classed as “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” (AONB).  He rang Planning Appeals Limited in March 2009 regarding his planning refusal for a domestic garage adjacent to his home.
One of the reasons for refusal, as contained in the Refusal Notice, was that as the site was in an AONB, East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Structure Plan policies prevented permission being granted for the garage. Rother Council claimed that the garage development would, “not meet the policy objective and cause harm to the rural character by unnecessary intrusion and extension of the built form.”
Planning Appeals Limited looked into the matter and in their opinion the garage was an acceptable development and the client had obviously put a great deal of time and thought into the scheme.  The proposed garage was, in PAL’s opinion, in keeping with the surrounding buildings and the intended materials were the same as the other structures in the area. 
Planning Appeals Limited was instructed by the client and the appeal submission was researched and developed. The legal arguments for the appeal were thoroughly scrutinised and PAL found that some policies appeared to have been applied in a “blanket” method as opposed to judging the case on its individual merits.
The Appeal was granted on 30th September 2009 with the Inspector stating that. “with the proposed design and the use of appropriate materials, I consider that the building would not look out of place in this rural landscape dotted with traditional buildings”.  The Inspector had agreed that the garage was not an intrusion into the green belt.
Appeal Ref: APP/U1430/A/09/2102896