The Service We Provide

The planning system is shrouded in "legal speak and technicality" leaving many people under the impression that an appeal is a costly and complex process that is out of their reach. At Planning Appeals Limited we aim to take the ambiguity out of the process and allow appealing a council's decision to become a simple matter.

Over the past three years there have been in excess of 22,000 planning appeals per year against the refusal of planning permission. On average 32% are successful resulting in the appeal being upheld and the decision being overturned. However, whilst the number of planning appeals made may seem significant, they only represent a small proportion of the planning refusals issued by Councils in the UK. With this number of appeals and the average success being one in three, there is an obvious indication of the benefit of considering an appeal against the decisions routinely made by Councils.

The national statistics on planning appeals can be found on the Planning Inspectorate web site. Link -

The Council's decision does not have to be final and circumstances other than a refusal, such as onerous conditions or restrictions, can also be appealed. However, time is of the essence as there is a restricted period within which an appeal can be made, which is six months from the date of the decision notice to refuse or 12 weeks in the case of Householder Applications. In order to achieve the best chance of success an appeal needs to be made early. It is also beneficial to consider engaging professional help as the legal requirements and technical language utilised by the planning authorities, if you are unaccustomed to it, may be confusing. That confusion can lead to an appeal being dismissed rather than allowed.

Planning Appeals Limited was established to deal with this process. The Managing Director of the company has over thirty years experience of property development and planning matters. His team of skilled individuals has been selected in order to achieve the best possible value for the services that are offered. The choice you have in considering pursuing an appeal is whether you do it yourself or employ an agent to do it for you. If you employ an agent the first question will be at what cost? Many appeals can involve a huge amount of "red tape" and an agent will normally have to charge you on an hourly basis. The second question is whether that agent can get access to legal planning experts on a daily basis. If an agent has to wait for replies to his enquiries or chase for answers then time is wasted and costs rise. Thirdly, does that agent specialise purely in planning appeals and is he proficient with your particular type of situation? At Planning Appeals Limited we have access to planning legal experts who have dealt with a broad variation of cases which may be similar to your own, and this knowledge will assist us in adding merit to your appeal.

Dr. Robin Hooper LLB, LLM, PhD, FCIS, Chief Executive of The Planning Group Ltd, is a solicitor with thirty years experience of working within local authorities. His vast knowledge of official planning structure and legal procedures are available to you through Planning Appeals Limited. Planning Appeals Limited is therefore in the unique position of being able to access instant legal responses.

At Planning Appeals Limited we offer an all inclusive fixed fee with no "hidden extras". You will not receive an unexpected bill for enormous legal costs. We have put together a choice of best value options, applicable to most appeals, for your consideration. We are offering a unique service providing you the best value from your team.

There are three types of appeal, Public Inquiry, Hearing or Written Representations. If your appeal is to progress to either Public Inquiry or Hearing options, we can arrange this for you, although due to the input being greater the costs will reflect this and we would negotiate on your behalf for the work to be done at a highly competitive cost.

To commence the proceedings we need a formal instruction from you to begin work. That can be as simple as completing the form which is enclosed with the literature. Upon receipt of the form and the payment, work on your case will begin.

There may be further information that you would wish to be considered by an Inspector and you would have to make us aware of this for inclusion in your papers. We require three copies of the plans and proposals (or one electronic copy) which formed your original application and upon receipt of your papers we can then begin your appeal. Each appeal will require research into the application, local planning policies and legislation, and decision reasons before being placed before the Planning Inspectorate. You will be sent copies of all correspondence and kept informed of progress.

A copy of the appeal will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate for their comments; we will then carefully consider their response and submit any further supporting information that may be necessary to ensure that the best possible case is presented. If a site visit is deemed necessary we will work with you to arrange an appropriate date and prepare for the visit. An appeal decision following a site visit can take up to three months from the visit. Whilst there are no guarantees of gaining permission on an appeal your chances of success are greatly improved with the support of Planning Appeals Limited.

I hope that we have been able to explain the full range of services that we have to offer. Should you wish to commence your appeal then please complete the form attached and send it with any further details, three copies of the plans and original application details (or one electronic copy) with the payment so that we can begin your case without delay.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, either on 01743 361211, e-mail or