Timetable for an appeal and key changes

  • The statutory timetable for an appeal begins the date the Refusal Notice is signed. There is a period of six months within which to appeal or 12 weeks in relation to a Householder Application, however, if you intend to appeal your refusal, the sooner you start the appeal process the better. This is in order to ensure that if there is an issue which requires further investigation, there is adequate time to resolve matters and still ensure that the appeal is correctly submitted and registered within the time constraints allowed.
  • At Planning Appeals Limited we commeence work as soon as your instruction is received. This ensures that work starts on your appeal very quickly - as soon as we receive it in fact.
  • We are frequently asked the questions; why should we appeal now? why not in few months time or maybe submit another application and wait and see if that application is refused and appeal then? With effect from 1st April 2009 it will be possible for either the Council to claim costs against the Appellant (you) for an unreasonable appeal or for the Appellant to claim costs against the Council if the reasons for refusal are not substantive and justifiable in reasonable terms. The main issue is the possibility of costs being claimed against the Appellant. Using Planning Appeals Limited will minimise the possibility of having a claim made in the first place and in the event that one is made, we can reduce the chances of it being successful. This provides an added incentive to ensure that you use the professional services offered when appealing rather than taking the additional risk by doing it without professional help.
  • The Government have introduced what is called the Community Infrastructure Levy which Councils will have the option of implementing. If they do then there will be a form of "development tax" on developments that are implemented. This is likely to be considered by every relevant Council this year and could be implemented by the end of the year. A separate article concerning this and written by Dr. Hooper can be seen on the website.
  • If you have any questions on any of these points please do not hesitate to ring us on 01743 361211 or e-mail info@planningappealslimited.co.uk